Apple and Amazon: The Trillion Dollar Twins

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Both Apple and Amazon are now valued at over a trillion dollars. How did they reach a valuation previously considered impossible? We take a look at two contrasting journeys to a trillion dollars… By Mark Richards. Throughout this year there has been an unofficial race going on – the first public company to be valued [...]

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Tech Trends and Predictions for 2019

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By Mark Richards. We wrote a lot about tech last year. In the year that brought us the General Data Protection Regulations (more of that later), it was impossible not to. But what might happen in 2019? We take a look at some predictions for the year ahead – with the most terrifying saved until [...]

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Apple Ready to Launch New Range of Phones and Watches

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By Mark Fairlie, brought to you by CashLady news. Apple’s annual product launch event takes place on September 12th, 2018, according to Popular Mechanics, and the world’s press and the company’s legion of fans worldwide are readying themselves for a number of product announcements delivered by CEO Tim Cook. iPhone – 3 new models? Both [...]

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GDPR from Your Point of View

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Last Friday saw GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – come into effect. Countless companies sent out countless e-mails. But they all explained it from the companies’ point of view. So we have turned GDPR on its head and looked at it from your point of view – and we have done our very [...]

The Future is App Shaped as Uptake Rises on Money Management Tools

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By Trevor Clawson Day-to-day budgeting is no longer something that most of us do in our heads,  or indeed with pencil, paper, calculator and spreadsheet. Increasingly Britons are keeping their finances under control with the assistance of a new generation of mobile apps. It’s a trend that is likely to accelerate as consumers become more [...]

UK Startup Launches Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

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By Trevor Clawson To the optimist, digital currencies offer an exciting new investment opportunity. To those who approach their personal financial choices with a high degree of caution, exchanging hard-earned cash for Bitcoins or Ripple is a transaction that must appear fraught with risk. Both perspectives are understandable. In December last year, the value of [...]

Tech always provides new jobs. Why should this time be any different?

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Are all our jobs really going to be taken by artificial intelligence and robotics? Throughout history, technological change has always brought new job opportunities. Why should this time be any different? By Mark Richards We ended last week by looking back on a confusing few days for the British economy – a puzzling mixture of [...]

Facebook to create 800 new UK jobs despite Brexit uncertainties

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Author Lauren Howells Facebook has opened a new London office, which includes a dedicated “incubator space” for start-ups called LDN_LAB, which it says shows that it is “more committed than ever” to the UK. London site will be Facebook's biggest engineering hub outside the US In a move that will make the social media giant’s [...]

Milestone Moment as Transferwise Crosses Faster Payments Threshold

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By Trevor Clawson London-based financial technology company, Transferwise has been admitted into the UK’s Faster Payments System, in a move described by the Bank of England as “an important milestone.” Established in 2010, Transferwise offers a range of payments services to consumers and small businesses, with a particular focus on cross-border transfers. Last week it [...]