Author Lauren Howells

Customer loyalty to one supermarket may be “long gone”, according to a new survey by coupon experts Valassis Limited. Out of those questioned via an online survey, only 16% of shoppers said that they will not be shopping away from their main supermarket this Christmas, down from 21% last year.

Shoppers as “deal-hungry as ever this Christmas”

The survey also revealed that consumers may be becoming much more swayed by deals, with 42% of respondents saying that they were on the lookout for promotional offers for their festive supermarket shop, compared to only 38% in 2015 and 2014.

Consumers spending more time at Christmas to find promotions

Out of the 2,002 people surveyed, 46% agreed that they spent more time at Christmas “seeking out promotions” to ensure that they kept within their budget, compared to only 42% in 2016.

2-for-1 offers are the most popular promotion

Consumers seem to be more attracted to 2-for-1 offers, than to any other type of deal, with 48% of those questioned stating that this type of offer would entice them to shop away from their main supermarket this Christmas, up from 43% in 2016.

This lack of loyalty may not just be for Christmas, with only 11% of people questioned saying that they would visit just one store each month.

Brand buying decisions also swayed by “relevant product coupons”

Brands not offering us any festive bargains may find themselves in trouble this Christmas, with almost half of shoppers agreeing that “relevant product coupons” would sway their decision on the brand they buy and 44% describing themselves as “someone who actively seeks out coupons and vouchers before a supermarket shop”.

Supermarket loyalty may be becoming a thing of Christmas past

Discount supermarkets the “pick of the bunch” for shoppers this Christmas

Discount supermarkets could well be the winners when it comes to how shoppers are choosing to spend their hard-earned cash this Christmas, with 28% of people revealing that they were planning to do their main shop at Aldi, up from 25% in 2016, and 27% of those questioned citing Lidl.

Valassis’ Managing Director, Charles D’Oyly, said:

“With the array of supermarkets being within easy reach of most shoppers, it has never been easier to cherry-pick the best deals.

“Perhaps the financial crisis of 2007 created a permanently more promotionally savvy shopper. Our research suggests, more than ever before, that deep discounters, 2-for-1s, vouchers and coupons have the strongest influence over the festive food shopping contest this year.”

Consumers could be cutting spending in run-up to Christmas

With consumers reportedly cutting spending in the run-up to Christmas, supermarkets this year could have to compete even harder to get consumers to spend with them.

And with the cost of Christmas dinner apparently set to increase, the actual number of people who are enticed by offers to shop in supermarkets other than their main one, could be even higher than predicted.