By Lauren Howell

Images of new Samsung smartphone the Galaxy S9, have been leaked by an app released by Samsung itself, according to the BBC.

3D models of the phone discovered hidden in the code

The images were apparently discovered when someone reportedly looked into the code of the Unpacked 2018 app, which Samsung has been asking those it has invited to the launch of the handset to download.

Galaxy S9 to be launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

According to The Sun, Samsung had previously said that details of the Galaxy S9 would be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

App reportedly contained augmented reality feature

According to an article on the XDA website, the app contains an augmented reality feature that enables users at the event to see the new smartphone in AR. The Sun has said that the idea behind this AR feature was for those at the event to be able to utilise the app to “project” a virtual version of the new Samsung smartphone onto their hand.

The photos seem to have confirmed many of the rumours surrounding the new design of the phone.

Images show phone could also be available in lilac

Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak

Image source

The images show that there could be four different colours of the phone available: black, blue, silver and lilac.

The fingerprint scanner could also be in a different place to where it was located on the S8 model of the phone. There have previously been complaints about where the fingerprint scanner is located on the Galaxy S8.

“No doubt” that the 3D models were real

XDA’s editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman, told the BBC:

“The 3D models that we obtained were lifted directly from Samsung’s server where they are hosted. There’s no doubt [they are real].”

Leaks regarding new smartphone models are relatively common. Back in September last year, Apple suffered a ‘major’ leak surrounding its iPhone X, when two sites were given access to the then-unreleased version of Apple’s operating system.

The BBC reported that the leak contained information about the iPhone X’s facial recognition system and animated emojis.

A Samsung spokesperson has reportedly told said that the company did not comment on speculation or rumours.

The Galaxy S9 is rumoured to be going on sale in mid-March, although it may be possible to get it earlier through pre-orders.