Labour pledge overdraft fee and interest cap

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By Mark Fairlie Following shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s pledge to limit the amount levied by credit card companies on interest payments last September, the Labour Party have announced a similar policy on bank overdraft fees and interest charges if elected. According to the party’s press release, people trapped in “persistent overdrafts” will save consumers £233m [...]

Will Theresa May’s new cabinet deliver?

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By Gina Clarke It was billed as a reshuffle that would make the government ‘look more like the country it serves’ and ended with UK Prime Minister Theresa May declaring that a “new generation” of top ministers would now sit in her cabinet. But she was off to a slightly lack-lustre start as political heavy-weights [...]

Indyref2 in 2020? Could the UK break up?

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Author Mark Fairlie Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced back in March this year that she planned to trigger a second independence referendum on Scotland’s membership in the UK. Up until now, it has been common belief that the Scottish people did not support this idea, but new research suggests otherwise. In the Brexit vote, [...]

OBR’s predictions for the Autumn Budget – how they measure up

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Author Mark Fairlie Twice a year, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) release their forecast for the next five years ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget. These forecasts are then used to assess the Government’s performance against their financial targets. Back in Spring, the OBR released their predictions for what they believed would be in the [...]

Is God’s Own Country a Good Idea?

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Author Mark Richards The well-documented dispute in Catalonia has brought the issue of local and regional governments to everyone’s attention. But it is not just Europe: there are increasing moves for more directly accountable local government at home, typified by demands for a directly elected mayor for Yorkshire. Could ‘God’s own county’ become God’s own [...]

Labour to nationalise controversial PFI contracts?

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Author Mark Fairlie The newspapers have been full of stories for months about how much Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) cost the country. Private companies make £831m profits from NHS contracts (FT) Crippling PFI deals leave Britain £222bn in debt (Independent) Private firms poised to make another £1bn from building NHS hospitals (Guardian) But what are [...]

It’s Jezza vs Tezza. But for how long?

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Author Mark Richards Last week it was the Labour Conference; this week it is the Conservative Conference. For now, both the party leaders are centre-stage. How much do we know about them? And how long will they last? I am writing this article on the eve of the Conservative Conference in Manchester. Theresa May will [...]