Author Lauren Howells

New research has revealed the “devastating impact” on families living without basic household appliances, such as a fridge, cooker or washing machine.

Poverty charity Turn2us discovered that 21% of people seeking its help did not have a washing machine, while a quarter did not have a freezer.

“Cleanliness and the stigma of wearing unclean clothes was also an issue raised frequently”

One “area of concern,” the charity said that it had identified, is the negative impact not having a washing machine can have on someone’s life, with the issue of cleanliness and the “stigma of wearing unclean clothes” being “raised frequently”.

The research also found that 16% of respondents did not have a fridge and 15% were without a cooker.

Budgeting without household appliances, such as fridge or freezer, is “much harder”

Respondents also told the charity that they found budgeting “much harder” without household appliances,Household appliances: Many people “struggling” without white goods such as a fridge or freezer, with some saying they were unable to buy food in bulk as it could often get ruined.

Concerns surrounding physical health

Concerns regarding physical health were also raised, with some respondents saying that they were more likely to become ill, as a result of not being able to refrigerate or cook their food properly.

“Psychological and mental impact was also a key theme”

The charity said that psychological and metal impact of living without basic household items was also a key theme, with respondents saying that it created misery and felt it added to stress and worry.

Some respondents left unable to cook meals for their children or clean their clothes

Raising children without these basic appliances, left some respondents feeling that they were letting their children down, with some saying that they were unable to cook meals for their children or clean their clothes.

Chief Executive of Turn2us, Simon Hopkins, said: “We have long been aware that many people are living without what most of us consider to be essential items. But worryingly our research reveals the underlying scale and devastating impact on life without basic household appliances.

“Most of us can imagine how a broken fridge or washing machine would be inconvenient or a financial hiccup. But the reality for many households living without essential appliances is an intolerable struggle that’s leaving people further out of pocket and in some instances physically and mentally unwell. For those who are struggling financially, it’s never just about the money – our research shows in stark detail the knock-on effects of not having enough to make ends meet.”

Back in June, a survey of people in debt by Christians Against Poverty, revealed “shocking levels” of UK poverty, with one in ten respondents saying that they had no bed.

£300 million in charitable grants available in the UK

The charity said that there is over £300 million in charitable grants available in the UK, with various different funds available to provide “much-needed” cash to purchase home appliances.

Head to the Turn2us website for more information.