By Lauren Howells.

Payday loan Firm Bee Loans has reportedly been promoting its loans on Facebook buy and sell groups, according to The Sun.

Initially spotted by Charlotte Burns, blogger at Lotty Earns, The Sun reported that Bee Loans had been posing as individuals in order to make recommendations about its loans to Facebook users.

Someone spotted asking for advice on loans

According to the blog, Charlotte had been browsing buy and sell groups when she came across an individual asking where they could get a loan:

“Whats chances of me getting a loan today. I need about £600 and I don’t have good credit at all. Who’ll defo help me plz!!”

Someone then replied, “within a minute”, saying:

“Bee loans will do that amount for you they do loans for people with really bad credit. I had £800 last Christmas off them and they really helped me out.”

Charlotte says that this person had no proper profile picture.

The original poster who had initially asked the question then responded by saying:

“Brilliant, I’ve just had a look for them on google is this the right website for them? #Ad”.

The comment reportedly included a link to the Bee Loans website.

The person commenting then says:

“Yes thats the right one, if you apply for that amount now it should be with you in the next couple of hours they’re usually really quick.”

Following this, there’s a response from the original person:

“Ok thanks for your help ill do that now x #sponsoredad”.

Bee Loans has paused “this type of advertising”, pending a review

Bee Loans, which is a registered trading name of William Ellis Sinclair, responded by saying that it had Loan Firm Caught Promoting on Facebook Groupsbeen “made aware of an issue with adverts promoting Bee Loans”.

It said that these adverts had been devised and run by an “advertising affiliate” and did not appear to be in compliance with William Ellis Sinclair’s advertising guidelines, which its affiliates are required to follow.

“We have therefore decided to take the action of pausing this type of advertising for the time being, pending a review.”

Marketing communications should be “obviously identifiable”

On social media, marketing communications should be “obviously identifiable”, according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This could be achieved by writing ‘#ad’, for example, but in some circumstances, this may not be necessary.

The Sun said that it would be reporting Bee Loans’ Facebook ads to the ASA.