Facebook CEO to testify in court

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By Mark Fairlie Last month, the world’s largest social media network found itself at the centre of a global scandal after news broke that they may have sold voter data to influence both the 2016 US presidential election and the Brexit referendum. Facebook has been accused of leaking data from as many as 87 million [...]

Artificial Intelligence ‘poses less risk to jobs than feared’

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By Mark Fairlie Despite growing fears in recent years about artificial intelligence replacing the human workforce, new research from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) suggests the threat may not be as serious as many had previously suspected. Lowering earlier forecasts Back in 2013, a report from Oxford University titled ‘The Future of [...]

Three and Vodafone investigated by Ofcom over suspected traffic-throttling

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By Felicity Anderson Two of the UK’s largest mobile companies, Three and Vodafone, are facing an inquiry into their ‘internet traffic management practices,’ by the British communications regulator Ofcom. Focusing on whether the companies throttled internet speeds for customers using their mobile internet services abroad, the investigation will also consider Three’s restrictions on tethering and [...]

Hammond Launches Fintech Strategy

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By Trevor Clawson It’s a long way - at least in cultural terms - from well-appointed Government buildings in Whitehall to the somewhat funkier shared workspaces of East London, where so many of Britain’s digital startups choose to build their products. But this week, Chancellor Philip Hammond sought to bridge that divide when he laid [...]

Increasing Chinese ownership of English football teams

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By Mark Richards Xi Jinping: The Most Powerful Man in the World (But what has he got planned for your Football Team?) Chinese leader Xi Jinping is consolidating his hold on power – and has recently cracked down on one of the country’s biggest companies. But could this have implications for English football? Five clubs in [...]

Catch-up energy bills restricted

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By Mark Fairlie The energy regulator Ofgem has moved to ban “back billing” for energy used over 12 months ago. Gas and electricity suppliers will no longer be able to surprise customers with bills that often amount to hundreds of pounds in “catch-up” fees. Many gas and electricity customers in the UK pay an average [...]