Around four million households may be paying too much for broadband

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By Lauren Howells Around four million UK households could be overpaying for their broadband, according to new research by Ofcom. As part of its annual report on pricing trends for residential phone, broadband and TV services in the UK, Ofcom discovered that nearly half (46%) of customers purchasing a standard broadband service, were outside of [...]

Tech always provides new jobs. Why should this time be any different?

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Are all our jobs really going to be taken by artificial intelligence and robotics? Throughout history, technological change has always brought new job opportunities. Why should this time be any different? By Mark Richards We ended last week by looking back on a confusing few days for the British economy – a puzzling mixture of [...]

UK Startup Launches Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

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By Trevor Clawson To the optimist, digital currencies offer an exciting new investment opportunity. To those who approach their personal financial choices with a high degree of caution, exchanging hard-earned cash for Bitcoins or Ripple is a transaction that must appear fraught with risk. Both perspectives are understandable. In December last year, the value of [...]

Facebook to create 800 new UK jobs despite Brexit uncertainties

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Author Lauren Howells Facebook has opened a new London office, which includes a dedicated “incubator space” for start-ups called LDN_LAB, which it says shows that it is “more committed than ever” to the UK. London site will be Facebook's biggest engineering hub outside the US In a move that will make the social media giant’s [...]

Future trends for 2018

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Author Gina Clarke It is often difficult to predict the future but for Lucie Greene, WorldWide Director at The Innovation Group, that is exactly her job. Each year the Institute releases a report known as the Future 100 which explores upcoming trends across all sectors based on brands and marketing updates and consumer feedback. So, [...]

The era of dynamic pricing

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Author Mark Fairlie The airline industry introduced dynamic pricing to the UK in the 1990s. Airlines started increasing the price of flights as it gets closer to the departure date. As the number of tickets gets fewer, the company can charge higher for the remaining tickets as demand exceeds the supply. Then, if there are [...]

Sainsbury’s – Asda merger could impact on local communities

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By Mark Fairlie Concerns have been raised regarding the proposed merger between supermarket giants Sainsbury’s and Asda as new figures suggest the two currently dominate more than 30% of the market between them. The data from Kantar Worldpanel, as reported in the Daily Telegraph, revealed that around nine million households in the UK shopped at [...]

Pensions North South Divide Hides A Deeper Problem

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By Trevor Clawson Savers in the South East of England are sitting on significantly larger pension pots than their counterparts elsewhere in the UK, but headline figures suggesting a North/South divide may hide a more worrying truth about the state of the nation’s retirement arrangements. In a snapshot of pension contributions covering England, Scotland Wales [...]

Martin Lewis to Sue Facebook over “Fake” Ads

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By Mark Fairlie Founder of the UK consumer help website The Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, announced on Monday that he was issuing high court proceedings against Facebook for defamation. This high-profile lawsuit comes after more than fifty fake adverts featuring Mr Lewis were found to have been published in the last year. The adverts [...]