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Apple’s annual product launch event takes place on September 12th, 2018, according to Popular Mechanics, and the world’s press and the company’s legion of fans worldwide are readying themselves for a number of product announcements delivered by CEO Tim Cook.

iPhone – 3 new models?

Both tech and business commentators expect three new iPhone models to be announced, reports Wired magazine.

Next-generation iPhone X handsets are widely tipped to be the company’s flagship smartphone devices. They are expected to be available with 5.8” and 6.5” screens. Rumoured names for the handsets are the “iPhone XS” and the “iPhone XS Max”.

Traditionally, Apple renews their handset range with a brand-new design every two years with intervening years seeing a relaunch and rebadging of previous flagship products with the “S” affix. The “S” generally means that the newer handset range benefits from faster chipsets, better cameras, and re-optimised internal specifications.

The surprise announcement might come with a cheaper iPhone X model for consumers on a budget instead of the expected iPhone 8S upgrade, according to Bloomberg. Bloomberg believes that the cheaper iPhone X model will use a cheaper LCD screen and that, like its more expensive counterparts, it will have no home button which takes the user back to the main screen.

Apple Ready to Launch New Range of Phones and Watches

Apple Watch

The market for Apple Watch makes it “now the size of a Fortune 300 company”, the Apple CEO told investors in a recent shareholder briefing, according to Seeking Alpha.

The fourth iteration in the series is expected to have a larger screen facilitated through the use of smaller bezels and a new watch face reports fan site 9to5Mac.

A new MacBook?

Apple Ready to Launch New Range of Phones and Watches

iPhones have been such a spectacular commercial success for Apple and most of its innovation and product development has been focused on that product to the neglect of its original core computer offerings, according to Chris Mills at BGR.

Quoting a Bloomberg article, Mills speculates that a new 13-inch Retina MacBook Air may be launched to “help Apple regain lost market share in the PC world”. Mills believes that “there’s not all that much Apple has to do in order to make the MacBook Air a killer device once again”.


Prior to the launch of the iPhone X, Apple phones featured a traditional jack into which the vast majority of the world’s earphone and headphones could be connected. The iPhone X dispensed with these, replacing them with so-called “AirPod” earphones which receive music and other audio wirelessly. The move was not universally welcomed with Popular Mechanics review describing the design as “objectively inferior to Bluetooth earbuds that are connected by a wire”.

According to Business Insider, a newer version of AirPods may be announced featuring noise cancellation, wireless charging (for which it will charge separately for a wireless charging unit) and that it may be possible with the newer version to address artificial intelligence system Siri without having to press a button. The site also claims that a new waterproof version of the earphones is being developed however that it won’t be ready until 2019 at the earliest.

Redesigned iPad

Bloomberg believes that a new iPad series is being developed along the lines of the successful iPhone X model from 2017 but that “it won’t necessarily show its face” on the 12th September event.