By Lauren Howells

When Apple organises a launch event, you can guarantee that the internet will be filled with rumours about what exactly the tech giant has to reveal.

Its education-focused launch event being held on 27 March 2018, the first of the year, is no different.  

Event invitations reportedly came with the message, “Let’s take a field trip”.  

The event is being held at Lane Tech school, Chicago, not in California where Apple is based.

Although Apple launch events at this time of year are not uncommon, the location and the apparent theme of the launch event may mean that we can expect something a little different.

But what can we look forward to Apple revealing at this event? MoneyGap sifts through the rumours.

Expecting to see shiny new products?

Don’t get your hopes up. Not just yet, anyway. Some believe that the education theme of this event may mean that the focus will be more on education software.

However, that does not necessarily mean that there will be no new hardware. Some products targeted at the education market may be released.

New iPads

The internet is awash with rumours that Apple will choose this event to launch a new iPad.

According to, it could even be a budget version, potentially priced at around £250. Great news for those of us who can’t justify paying the price tag of an iPad in the current range.

Looks wise, many are expecting the new iPad to closely resemble the ones they have out now, with a standard 9.7-inch screen.

The design of the invitation – a swirly apple logo and the handwriting-esque font of “Let’s take a field trip” – has led some to suspect that this new, cheaper iPad could work with the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil currently only works with the iPad Pro. 

However, at a price tag of £99, the Apple Pencil seems a little too pricey to go with this cheaper iPad. This may suggest that they will release a different, cheaper version. 

Apple March 27 Event: What to expect in Apple's Chicago event?

MacBook Air

There has been speculation that Apple could use this event to launch a new MacBook Air, as this piece of kit is quite relevant to the education sector.

However, some have reported that it may not be ready in time to launch it at this event.


A new app aimed at the education sector called Classwork could also be released at the event.

No new iPhones?

It seems unlikely that Apple will use this event to launch a new iPhone. There has been speculation that a new iPhone SE2 may be released at an event later on this year.

However, Apple likes to keep us guessing, so who knows what surprises may lie in store…! 

The event starts at 8 am PT – that’s 4 pm BST. It seems that Apple will not be live streaming the event but the video may be available to watch after the event has taken place.